AutumnBunny is a Five Star Sexting girl and producer of custom-made selfies.

The Bunny Makes Fantasies Come True

One of your soon-to-be favorites... AutumnBunny, is a sweet and fun girl with lots of interest in BDSM, role play, kink, and fetish. You can talk about anything with her from sex to whatever outside interests you have.

Says the Bunny, "I love kayaking, swimming, and being outdoors. I have many tattoos and am in the process of finishing up a full leg sleeve. I am also very into cartoons and Disney, and all of my tattoos are cartoons and things I grew up with as a child.

I am also pierced and have 9 piercings currently. I love puzzles, word games, binging TV shows, and have a massive collection of Jack Skellington and Nightmare Before Christmas things."

AutumnBunny is as sexy and erotic as she is adventurous and curious. Open to trying new things and meeting new people to play with are among the Bunny's keenest interests and her reasons for spending so much time online... as she says "helping people get wacked". Text AutumnBunny here to live out a fantasy or two.

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