Terms of Use

Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Adults only.
We have placed this detail over and above all of our other terms because it is the most important. Please note that the zWebcams.com platform is only open to consenting adults looking to express themselves in the form of streaming video, live video chat and messaging. We have zero tolerance for any minors acting on the zWebcams.com platform; whether such individuals are actually minors or pretending to be minors perhaps in a misguided attempt at role-play. Moreover, we have zero tolerance for any image of any minor being uploaded to our platform for any reason. Please be advised that we reserve the right to, and do report each and every suspected minor to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and any and all other law enforcement agencies we feel appropriate. If you believe that a minor is using the site, we request and encourage members to report each and every user he or she encounters which he or she believes or suspects to be under the age of 18. All reports are reviewed within minutes (if not seconds) of being received. If you are a minor, you must immediately leave this site now. You are not legally permitted on zWebcams.com for any reason, and if we find you on this site, we will report you to law enforcement as noted above. We will block your IP address, and not reactivate you for any reason ever.

With respect to all other matters, we have attempted to keep our rules to a minimum only imposing those we feel are necessary for the safety of our users and the continued operation of zWebcams.com. All other matters regarding Terms and Conditions, or terms of use are posted here.