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At zWebcams, camgirls and web talent are mighty important. Truth is… we don’t have anything… nothing at all… if we don’t have serious, hard-working camgirls to promote, feature and showcase. But, we realize not all camgirls have the time, knowledge or skills to promote and prosper from everything they do online. Some would like to have help.

zWebcams SexyAds is one answer we have to help camgirls move forward. The premise is probably obvious… camgirls can simply post ads for whatever they are selling. You can post as many ads as you want… as often as you want.

While it is most advantageous to zWebcams financial interests to have FiveStarChat camgirls use SexyAds… any camgirl whether she is independent or on another network can post on SexyAds.

Camgirls who like the possibilities of SexyAds, but who lack the skills of ad creation or the time to post, can simply assign an ad posting strategy to zWebcams. Then, all the promotion that can be done for her on SexyAds will be done at no cost and commission-free. She only needs to provide information of the promotional kind.

Please use the Feedback (link at page bottom) form to get started with assigning SexyAds promotion to zWebcams, or for requesting assistance with your ads.

Tips and Tricks for Camgirls using zWebcams…
– Using an independent, but supported broadcast platform.
If you are a network (MFC, Chaturbate, Streamate, etc.) cam model and would like to offer webcam encounters off network for any reason… making more money, exploring independent work, working with less regulation, etc., you might want to explore creating a presence on WebcamModels.com.

But first, here is what you should understand about WebcamModels.com. Basically, they are a studio for the Streamate network. If you are not already a Streamate model but plan to be someday, you should sign-up directly with Streamate first. If you are an established network webcam model, you probably already know this… but you should never work through a studio if you are going to work from home and have your own equipment and internet connection. Studios will always take a cut of your earnings which obviously means less money for you and it is totally unnecessary.

WebcamModels.com’s value to you would be in providing a broadcast platform, traffic and a billing resource… all things of substantial value and cost for doing business as a webcam model. They also pay a high commission of 70% on all (token) sales you make which is considerably higher than most major networks. zWebcams adds to your gross payout with an additional 5%, so your total payout is 75%… which is quite high by industry standards.

So, WebcamModels.com role in your efforts to promote yourself independently of any major network through SexyAds is providing you with an alternate broadcast platform so that you can make more money and have more control over what you do in live chat and how you charge for it.

– Adding zWebcams music to your chat room ambience.
You are probably not very familiar with zWebcams, but the site uses hundreds of unique and sexy music videos as a backdrop to enhance its portal to FiveStarChat.com. These music videos strongly flavor the feeling and experience of surfing zWwebcams. They are also helping the site build a unique brand while increasing customer loyalty.

We refer to our music video program that incorporates nearly every page of zWebcams as “SexyBits”. It is an original production of zWebcams and it can only be seen on zWebcams. It is a production that utilizes the contributions and input of several top DJs on the international dance club and recording scene from Hollywood to London to Ibiza.

If our video ?music feature appeals to you and you would like to get creative by making it a part of your chat room presentation, there is a very easy way to do this. You probably broadcast your video stream through a desktop or laptop computer. All you need to do is open the zWebcam “Sexybits” page in a second browser window. You will hear the music play through this second window while you broadcast, and it will keep playing as long as the window remains open.

Dancing for dollars? If you want to take breaks from the regular camgirl grind, consider mixing moving to the music with conversation… or just concentrate on dancing in your chat room when the mood or rhythm hits you. Real striptease is becoming a lost art. It is ready for its comeback. Check out a Dita Von Teese video. Stripping to music is a novelty on cam sites… despite its potential of being highly entertaining… and being worth a buck or two. Plus, it might be nice to lose the dildos and toys.

zWebcams is planning a special promotional section and category for girls who dance and strip for tips. We will do everything possible to drive traffic to your “dancing girl” show.