Submissive Lexi

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Submissive Lexi: She loves cam2cam, phone sex and role play. She gets her reputation for being submissive from her special interest in being told what to do once she’s fully nude and begging for cum. But, she can also dish it out too. So, don’t be surprised if she turns the tables and starts issuing orders and demands. There’s really no way of totally controlling Lexi when she’s set on fire by her “urges”… anything can happen.

“I’m very good at dirty talk… mainly because I enjoy it. I also love JOI and helping you get the most from that hard rod you’re stroking… let’s make it feel real good. We can’t have you giving me anything less than ALL your cum.” Wanna shoot a load with Lexi’s name on it? Go here. Or… don’t miss the hot, live fun here now.
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