Sky Smith

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Sky Smith: She’s a free spirit driving around the country in her RV stopping for erotic live sex chats along the way. Says Sky, “I love sharing my fantasies and experiences with kinky people while giving myself as many orgasms as possible. I’m very experienced, kinky, authentic, hypersexual and alpha online… as well as in real life! Here to share real carnal pleasures while living full time on the road in my self converted bus for more than two years!”

“I don’t do submissive play, but otherwise I love big dicks, open minds and boys’ asses,” confides Sky. “Let’s share fantasies, cum together and try for multiple orgasms. No direction needed. I will entertain you and you will love it.” Get on board Sky’s passion bus and enjoy the ride of your life starting here. Or… don’t miss the hot, live fun here now.

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