Welcome to our sexy adult game zone! We call it… SexyDuels. These video games are state-of-the-art browser games developed in HTML5 which means they can be played on a variety of devices including Desktops, Laptops, Androids and iPhones. There is no software to download or save, no sign-up or registration required. Just play… there are hot and sexy girls to undress and cool music to savor.

Sexy free adult games to play online anywhere on any device.

Billiards with Mandy
Mandy is a player and a tease. She dances while you play and watch. Win your matches and strip her nude… you will love it! Get her naked without spending a dime. This game is based on traditional billiards. Play free here.

BlackJack mixed with pool and a sexy nude girl.

Blackjack Pool 1
Here is a game that combines the luck of Blackjack with the skill of Billiards. Add a gorgeous, sexy dancing girl who teases and plays with you, and who you can strip naked as you play and win… and you have a fun way to chill. Play free here.

Blackjack and billiards combine for a fun-filled online adult game that is very sexy.

Blackjack Pool 2
The sexy online Blackjack Pool game is so popular that it has a sequel. Just like the original version there is a gorgeous girl who teases and plays with you. You watch her and try your best to sink balls that add up to 21. If you go over you “bust” and lose. And, you get no closer to seeing nude eye candy. It is a very entertaining game. Play free here.

Strip Lolly naked by playing the card game HiLo in our video version.

Strip Lolly HiLo
Based on the Strip Poker card game, we have a true hottie in the person of Lolly… a sexy blonde whose mission is to keep her clothes on by better guessing the draw of the cards than you do. Will the next card be higher or lower than the card that is showing. Enjoy Lolly’s seductive moves and jiggles while you move through the levels. Win a hand and you go up a level to watch Lolly shed a piece of clothing. Can you get her totally naked and dancing? Play free here.

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