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Melissa Lauren: Pornstar Melissa Lauren was a real-life French Pastry Chef for 3 years. Then, she became a porn director, and now she’s one of the most popular showgirls on zWebcams Five Star Chat. “Says Melissa, “I always truly enjoyed watching porn… to some people maybe that’s a bit odd and unusual for a girl. But, it’s how I learned to suck cock and pleasure my playmates orally beyond imagination. I take pride in my tea bagging and very thorough blowjobs. I like to rim some of my playmates too.

“Of all the things I’ve done in adult entertainment I would say being a showgirl and cam model is my favorite. There was a lot of pressure in film directing and I can do without that. When it comes to being a film or video performer… working as an actress… the sex can get very mechanical and almost boring as you have to take direction and perform on cue or command… not really my thing. Being in front of my webcam and just being myself and enjoying the live interaction is best. Besides, believe it or not I get to see more naked guys in my chat room. I really love discussing pleasure and what feels good when I’m watching a guy with a nice hard cock stroking and playing… I never tire of it.” Ready to do some naked interaction? Do a little “show and tell” of your own with the totally gorgeous Melissa here.
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