Ember Reigns

Beautiful Ember Reigns is an exciting nude jerkmate.
Top Rated Five Star Pornstar, Ember Reigns

Ember Reigns: She’s being very honest and serious when she says, “My biggest turn on is watching a man get himself off to me. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that I am turning you on so much that you can no longer control yourself!” An incredible jerkmate, the beautiful Ember takes great pride in providing a very explicit fully nude show for her jerkmates. “I strip completely naked so that my jerk buddies can see every inch of me from top to bottom and front and back. It all fits with my turn-on in getting guys off and being very, very satisfied that they had and enjoyed a super hot form of sex with me that drained us both. I want to feel that I was fucked very thoroughly.”

What Ember especially savors are lovers who come back for seconds and more. “I love “frequent flyers” who “own me” and enjoy me regularly. The first time can always be special, but I’m completely bowled over by guys who want to fuck me on a regular basis and do… OMG! I love that! Try to get your first piece of Ember here. Or… don’t miss the hot, live fun here now.

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