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Candi Tits95: She’s looking for guys who want to play and get off with her… together… like at the same time. It is an all nude game she likes to play. Says Candi, “It’s like an erotic version of ‘beat the clock‘, only there’s no hurrying. In my version, timing is everything and I’ll probably coach you and instruct you to shoot your load at the same time I’m exploding. It’s an achievement that’s fun to pursue and wildly rewarding.”

“I like the idea of guys bragging that they got me off… that we shared an intense orgasm which was very memorable… something they can tell the guys at work or school… very cool I’d say. Something I would post on a bulletin board,” explains Candi. “I like dick pics too,” she adds. If you’d like to be a candidate for Candi’s posts, get started by saying “Hello” in her free chat room. Or… don’t miss the hot, live fun here now.
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