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Become a model - getting sexy for fun and profit at zWebcams.

Nude, partial nude or non-nude. Make zWebcams your online HQ for independent webcam modeling or supplement your photo/video income commission free.
Make money online from home… selling selfies, autographed photos, video clips, sexting, webcam shows and more. Experienced models will tell you… you are much better off working independently rather than working for someone else. And, you can do it all here at zWebcams. Read more…

This is an income opportunity with many options and possibilities.
In addition to selling adult webcam shows… the most common product sold… models on zWebcams SexyAds and FiveStarChat also have the ability to sell other services and products including:
Video Clips – Models can upload video clips and sell them through SexyAds. They may also produce and sell custom videos for clients who desire something more personalized.
Photos and Photo Sets – Models can use zWebcams SexyAds platform to sell selfie photos.
Sexting – Models can sell sexy texting “volleys” to customers or in blocks of time.
Underwear – Models can use zWebcams SexyAds to sell panties and bras. Contact the model, describe what you want, and she will ship you the desired product.

Getting started.
Getting started is very simple… just post an ad or two on SexyAds. If you don’t already know… decide what you want to offer. You will also decide what to charge for your work, and how you get paid. Remember, keep this all very simple and straightforward. If you have never done anything like this before, keeping things simple could be especially important.

Also, start small if that helps and work towards expanding. You can make decent money just offering selfies. You work for yourself, and you keep all of the money you collect. So, do only what feels right and comfortable for you. No pressure! Nobody is forcing you to actually fill orders unless you take money for what you sell.

Experiment and “play around”.
Regardless of what you are going to offer, don’t be afraid to “test the waters”. Get acquainted with what it’s like to go from posting ads; to “chatting” with customers about their “order(s)”; to collecting your money; to delivering your product. You might be surprised how fast a transaction can happen, and how easy it is to complete one from start to finish.

Promote freely.
So again, start the process by posting a free ad or ads on “SexyAds“. It’s a menu driven process that is as simple as sending an email. You will receive email notifications when you receive a response to your ad(s). Customers can contact you with questions, or an order by completing and submitting a form attached to your ad that is automatically sent to your email box.

Your email address is hidden and does not appear in your ad. You should reply to your “customer” by email and start a flirty exchange on fulfilling the order. There’s no reason why a phone call needs to be a part of the process… unless your customer is specifically requesting phone sex. Otherwise, protect your privacy and identity by keeping your communications strictly online.

The business side.
Funds transfer (getting paid by your customers) should also be completed online. PayPal, Skrill and Circle Pay are all good options. Circle Pay is a favorite because your customers can simply text money to you (directly to your bank account or debit card) and it’s fee free.

Your charges should be flat fees. It is less complicated than pay-per-minute billing. Sexting can be charged this way. Example: exchange texts for 10-minutes for x number of dollars. Webcam shows can be sold in time blocks as well… 10-minutes of cam2cam chat for x number of dollars. Always get paid in advance of delivering the show.

That’s a wrap.
The whole process becomes easier and faster with each order you fulfill regardless of whether you are providing independent webcam shows, selfies, sexting or other products. So, the short answer to getting started is to simply start posting ads.

Celebrate your independence.
Bring some independence to your modeling work with commission- and fee-free selling. You earn the money. You keep all of it. Use the free tools and promotion system at zWebcams.

Camgirl sexy selfies for sale.

Make and sell your own sexy selfies for fun and profit.

Can you take a selfie like any of the above? Have a PayPal, Skrill or CirclePay account? Answer yes to these questions and you can start today. Take a few sample pics… the kind of pics you want to sell. Post an ad or ads at “SexyAds” featuring up to 5 sample pics in each ad, then watch your email for orders.

Tips for getting started…

1. “K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sexy” or “Shooting Selfies for Fun and Profit” Shooting and selling selfies on your own is a great way to get started as an independent model. First, decide whether you are doing nude, partial-nude or non-nude photos… or anything in-between. Don’t give away too much for free in your sample ad pics. You can shoot pics and create an inventory of photos to sell over and over again. Or, you can go “custom” and discuss with your customers what they want to see in your pics. You can personalize pics with your customers name or your autograph. Or, you can combine all these photo types to expand your offerings. Deliver your photo products by email.

Keep the K.I.S.S. premise in mind at all times. Simplicity is key. Make it simple to make your photos. Make it simple for your customers to buy your photos. And the faster you can deliver (for most customers)… the more satisfied your customers will be. Look at your offerings from your customers’ point-of-view, consider what you think they would really like and value in getting to know you and your “product”. “Sexy Selfies” are the kind of product many customers will buy frequently on a repeat basis. FLIRT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS. Photo buyers can graduate to webcam show buyers… if that is what you want. You can boost both photo and webcam show sales by doing both.

If you are already performing as a webcam model on a network like, or… cross promote your photos sales with your cam modeling. Many of your webcam customers would love to have a “souvenir” photo of you to memorialize the fun he/she has had with you in chat. These are good photos to offer with some type of personalization.

SEXTING – you may not want to be a cam model at all. So, why not try to combine your photo sales with some type of sexting offer that works for you. Working on your own offers plenty of opportunity to be creative and truly do your own thing. Keep in mind, you will always need to be a sales person to some extent. If you like the idea of sending people sexy texts, you need to figure a way to get paid that will be acceptable to customers. Perhaps some sort of subscription works… for x number of dollars per month I will send you 20 texts.

Or, meet me in “The Lounge” at zWebcams. We can do live dirty text chat for 15, 20 or 30 minutes for $10, $12.50 or $19.95. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Just always make sure to get paid first whether it is photos, webcam, phone or sexting.

Random Tips
1. Create a, or identity or profile that does not tip off customers to your real identity or location. If you already have a PayPal account, you can simply add another (more anonymous) email address to your account for receiving money. Never reveal any of your payment details in your ads. Only share account email addresses with customers who want to buy.
2. Do not complicate the exchange of money for your photos, shows or other products. If you are charging $10.00 for a personalized semi-nude photo, simply instruct your customer to send you $10 via your preferred payment method and be ready to email his purchase as soon as you receive the funds.
3. You will be communicating with your customers before, during and after your sales. Always keep it flirty and fun. Customers want to have fun with you… make it simple and easy for them.
4. Try to hangout, or at least visit “The Lounge” at zWebcams as often as you can. Post messages and make yourself known to other visitors to the site. If you tweet, invite your followers to meet you and enjoy some text chat in “The Lounge”… it is 100% free for everyone. Whenever you are engaging people you are creating the opportunity to get a sale.
5. “The Lounge” has an unlimited, free video chat room where both public and private cam2cam sessions can be offered or presented. Use your imagination for all the ways this can be useful to you.
6. Consider using the word “tip” for payment on whatever you are offering. Don’t be afraid to dance for tips, strip for tips, talk dirty for tips, flash for tips, etc… never provide the “reward” for being tipped without getting paid first. Try the technique of saying I will gladly show you my boobs for a $5.00 tip. Tips can add up quickly. And as a payment form, they are viewed much more favorably by customers than pay-per-minute deals or offerings.
7. Post ads with photos on our “SexyAds” pages as much as you want – as often as you want – in different categories when it makes sense. Tweet your ad to your followers. Ad tweeting is a snap with the automatic tweet function in SexyAds.
8. If you don’t already have a Twitter account set-up to promote your modeling work, get one. Most experienced cam models will tell you that tweeting about your modeling work and offers is extremely useful and valuable to being successful. You should try to do it daily.
9. If you are not the greatest conversationalist in the world and you want to do webcam work but think it is awkward to make “small talk” with visitors to your chat room, try dancing or at least moving to the music. Many of the pages here on zWebcams feature universally-popular Electronic Dance Music as a musical background… it is 24/7 and it never stops for more than a couple of seconds. Displaying sexy moves may enable you to simply skip talking almost completely in favor of dancing… just let visitors to your chat know you are dancing for tips… hang up a sign in front of your cam… include a “menu” of what you will do when “dancing” (flash boobs, twerk, etc.). You can ensure the music will never stop playing for you no matter where you go online by simply keeping a browser window open on any zWebcams page that plays music. Let your customers know where they can hear the same music you are dancing to… just remember
10. If lucrative webcam modeling is your goal, you can present both “network” and “independent” webcam shows. The vast majority of girls who work “full-time” as webcam models work through established networks like our own… the advantage: usually a healthy amount of traffic (customers)… the disdvantage: working on commission where you may net only 35% of what you gross. The advantage to working independent is keeping most, if not all, of your gross earnings… the disadvantage: finding your own customers. At zWebcams, you can combine the best of both network and independent webcam modeling to enjoy more freedom and more money.

Sexy dancing at home
Dance at home to make money online.

Do you really love to dance… as if it were something you were born to do? Is moving to the pulsating, electronic-dance club beat hard to resist? Would you rather get wild with music than dirty talk or a dildo? Then, you may want to consider online dancing to club music mixes by top DJs at and

Work from home as a model/club dancer… flirt… tease… be seductive… or just groove… all to the glorious sounds of upbeat music that will turn your chat room into a place that is anything but boring for you or your visitors.

Dancing for Dollars

Make your dancing and sexy grooves the star of your shows. At zWebcams, the music never stops (unless you want it to) so you can rely less on making small talk with beggars and freeloaders and more on the appeal of your hot body grinding and moving to music that explodes with rhythm and excitement and is bound to arouse and enthrall your audience.

You will have complete freedom to present your dance shows with NO nudity, partial nudity, implied nudity or complete nudity… it’s up to you. You also decide whether you want to be a camgirl first… who just happens to dance, or a girl who is going to be admired and appreciated for her incredible moves and dancing first and foremost. Or, are you going to be somewhere in between a full-fledged camgirl and a club dancer.

The benefit is you have the chance to stand out, be different, more creative and more excited by what you do in front of your webcam. Click here to learn more directly on the FiveStarChat site.

Getting Started is Easy.
If you are already signed-up to perform as a camgirl across the FiveStarChat network, then you can start immediately. If you are new, then click on the “Become a Model” link at Scroll to the bottom of any page and click the “Become a Model” link to sign-up directly with FiveStarChat Models.

For their fans, current FiveStarChat models should simply open a second browser when they are in their chat rooms to hear and dance to the HD music on zWebcams. That’s all any FiveStarChat model needs to do to create a more exciting chat experience. And, for special billing and extra promotion, let us know you are dancing to our site’s music.

Current FiveStarChat and future models should understand that while FiveStarChat is seen across the entire MoneyTree network, their fans can only see and hear their dance shows in MATCHED “sight and sound” on FiveStarChat. They will NOT hear the music on any other MoneyTree site.

So, to some extent, to really get into the role FiveStarChat girls should start thinking of themselves as FiveStar dancers and not just camgirls.

As a camgirl who will be spending at least some of her time as a dancer, you will get special billing and promotion throughout the zWebcams site. You will also be eligible to receive bonuses, merchandise and to participate in contests reserved for dancers only.

For new model-dancers, after you sign-up with FiveStarChat Models, please shoot us an e-mail or contact us before you officially start dancing as either a freelance or exclusive dancer. Our email address is:

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