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Here are a few little secrets you should know about online CFNM.
If you are like most CFNM fans, you spend a huge amount of time surfing around the Net looking for an awesome CFNM experience that will totally make your day; only to discover you are just not going to get that lucky. Here are some researched facts that may explain why finding great CFNM is not that easy. These are reliable and documented statistics that represent the results of interviews, polls and surveys with more than 1,100 women over 18.
– 77% who report they enjoy CFNM are of MILF age.
– 72% who are into CFNM report they are married or in relationships.
– 83% say like the idea of seeing you naked, but will never strip for you.
– 87% report they will only do CFNM on a 100% anonymous basis.
– 68% say they would enjoy CFNM under certain, specific conditions.
– 74% say they enjoy CFNM online in a “girl party” scenario.
– 93% report online is their favorite way to enjoy CFNM.
– 90% say online is the only way they would ever play at CFNM.

Here’s more on the girls and women of CFNM…
To keep your expectations of your CFNM experiences realistic and down-to-earth, here are a few more surveyed and researched statistics you know and consider…

The women and girls who love CFNM.What do women like most about online CFNM encounters?
In order of preference or popularity here are their answers…
1. Being social AND sexy.
2. Chance to be a flirty tease.
3. It’s an “edgy” activity.
4. Seeing men naked.
5. Doing something VERY different.
6. Great girls-time-out activity.
7. Making friends with sexy guys.
8. Having a cyber dating relationship.
9. Having cyber sex.

Before you get too deep into this website here are a few things you should know about CFNM. Demographics… it’s not a word you might expect to see on a site like this, but we felt we needed to add some credibility to our CFNM facts… if for no other reason than to ensure ourselves that we are investing money as wisely as possible. Now, why should this matter to you? Well, if you’re going to enjoy hot CFNM fun online you should be willing to know and understand your audience to give them what they want… so you can get what you want back.

Women who love CFNM are often shy about it.

Here’s some of what we learned… the girls who love CFNM come in all shapes, sizes and ages. The single largest group of women into CFNM are of “MILF” age. Those horny hotties who fall between the ages of 25 to 54 will make up most your of playmates and audience.

The next largest group are college-aged girls 18 to 24. The women you are least likely to find admiring your cocks are women 54 and older.

More girls and women enjoy CFNM than you ever might imagine. Although many girls and women who do enjoy CFNM will not readily admit it. They are often very shy about enjoying the sight of an explicitly naked man and allowing others to know they enjoy it. Women in groups are more inclined to publicly enjoy viewing fully nude men. Viewing fully nude men anonymously and privately is how the vast majority of girls and women prefer to enjoy, rate and study men who are willing to flaunt and show-off their cocks and balls.

Many girls and women are actually very eager to enjoy the sight of nude men.Getting back to demographics and other behaviors of the CFNM fetish… 93% of girls and women report they are most comfortable with enjoying CFNM online only. And, more than 72% of women who admit to being attracted to CFNM as an entertainment or fun activity are married or in relationships. Of this group, about 80% report the best time for them to enjoy CFNM online is when they’re at work, school or in the home of another girl or woman sharing the experience. Only 42% report they have masturbated while enjoying nude men online, and less than 20% say they are able to reach orgasm when playing at CFNM online. Plus, 72% of girls and women report online CFNM as still being an enjoyable experience even when not reaching orgasm or trying to reach orgasm.

What exciting things can you do at zWebcams to make CFNM super fun?
CFNM is a sexy sport that requires interaction and feedback to provide its thrills. Guys have to want to show… and girls have to want to watch… with both knowing their reactions matter. Guys also need to know what they are showing is appreciated and desirable. So, it stands to reason CFNM girls and guys need to be communicating about the sexy nakedness they are sharing.

CFNM ladies having harmless fun watching and enjoying online shows.

At zWebcams, girls and guys can use several communication tools in the way of chat and messaging to make the most of the online CFNM experience.

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